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How my experience will benefit you

Illustration BFA, Brigham Young University

At Brigham Young University I received a well rounded education in addition to artistic training and hands on experience from professors and renowned professionals. 

We worked as teams and as individuals to create short films, video games, and host gallery art shows. Because of my experience in school and at work, I know how to give and receive feedback, work in different mediums and styles, conduct visual research, design for 3D animation and products, and enhance story. Continue scrolling to see examples of things I have done for others and can do for you.

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Proficiency in Photoshop

I use Photoshop and comparable programs to edit/manipulate photos, and create digital paintings/illustrations.

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Proficiency in Illustrator 

I use Illustrator and comparable programs to create vector graphics and logos formatted for  vinyl cutting, screen printing, etc. 

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Proficiency in Indesign 

I use Indesign to create layouts for books, magazines, etc.

Work Experience

Bringing stories to life

Spinning Gold, Current

Story, Characters, Props, you name it. Getting this story ready for production is my pet project.

Salt: BYU Animated Short, 2019 

Working with a team to create a compelling story with cohesive theme and style. Applying feedback according to the director's vision. 

Avast Ye: BYU Video Game, 2018 

Working as a team to develop an appealing game style, propel story, and apply feedback according to the director's vision.

BYU Virtual Scriptures, Concept Art, 2016 - 18

Creating a logline, storyboards, character design, and other conceptual art based on passages of scripture.

Storyboard Artist, Anna, Student Capstone Project, 2018

Worked with director to create storyboards indicating camera angle, motion, and lens.

Card Game Illustrations, Alpha Attack Kickstarter, 2018

Worked as a team to create a cohesive styleguide and spot illustrations for a card game.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Cricut, 2019

Contract work, creating simple vector images for home cutters.

Stampin' Up!, 2019

Contract work, working with a team to design rubber stamp illustrations for an MLM.​​

Graphic Designer and Illustrator, BYU McKay School of Education Tec Lab, 2016-18

Discerning client needs, working with deadlines, and using graphic elements to communicate tone of events.

Graphic Design and Sign Production, XAXdeSIGN, 2010-13

Working to design and produce banners, flyers, booklets, car graphics, logos and company branding, tshirt designs, etc. 

Illustrations, Book of Mormon Central, 2017-18

Visual Research, conception, and execution of illustrations formatted for further video use. 

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