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Visual Development for a story about an ambitious yet sloppy spinning wheel worker who discovers the power to changer her fate.

Visual Development for a short animated film about about a young girl who would much rather play her drum than do her daily work of collecting salt from the nearby lake.

Visual Development for an award winning BYU video game where you can join a fallen ant queen and her gang of misfits on a swashbuckling adventure to battle enemies and solve the mysteries of the insect world.

Graphic design was my bread and butter from 2010-2017. Take a look at some of the projects I have worked on through the years.

The scriptures are filled with epic stories of ordinary people, and yet the reliability of those stories is sometimes lost in the language and cultural barriers. In these header images created for the Scriptures Plus app, I attempt to capture the feeling behind some of these stories in an effort to dissolve those barriers and bring the stories of the scriptures to life.

See my most current projects on my instagram feed, take a look at some of my sketches and get a peek inside my book, 'Impressions of Home.'

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