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The Normanica Project

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

After failing to find much of my vernacular in any dictionary, nor my etymologies in any encyclopedia, I have chosen to create Normanica, a lexicographical line. This line will include, Dictionary Normanica: a home for misunderstood words, and Encyclopedia Normanica, a hope for forgotton histories. We are now accepting entries for the first edition Encyclopedia and Dictionary. Please email any neglected words and histories to for review. And now, for a sneak peak into the pages of these books:

Ex•pli•ca•tive \ɛkˈs-plɪ-kə-tɪv\

noun, adjective

: An explanation using excess expletives.

Explicatives were common with Jack, due to his colorful language.

After a particularly trying day, the couple's conversation was littered with explicative dialogue.

Nib•ling /nib-ling/

Noun | formal

: A niece or nephew.

Tina’s niblings attacked her with hugs.

See also; niblet.

Word Credit: Brent Fulton Family

Kem•ing /kêm’-ing/


: the result of improper kerning.

His inept design work left the text filled with kemings.

Word Credit: Sarah Heffernen

Polypia (Oceanic Mythology)

see also, Poluminis;

During Age Tenebris Mare (Age of the Dark Sea) Ursula kept her waters in deep oppression by controlling the cannon of scripture. She enlisted the help of the Atramento Viventem (ink baring creatures, such as octopi and squid). Their families were entrusted with knowledge of the ancient language and with the task of transcribing the word. Many Atrament Viventem attempted to translate the word into a modern tongue, but all were executed before they met success. Polypia worked to gain unbreakable trust of Ursula, while in secret, she translated the scriptures. After the work was distributed, she was discovered and executed. But the execution came too late. The merfolk spread the translated text far and wide. The ideals and principles it preached eventually led to Ursula’s demise and the freedom of Merpeople. Polypia was renamed Poluminis and declared a saint. A parley between the new sea king and Hades was made to fetch the soul of Poluminis and fix it in the heavens. It is the first constellation seen at the dawn of springtime.

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